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Enjoy Over the Moon milk with PeaBerry's gourmet coffee at Newcastle's Farmers' Market.

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Over the Moon is enjoying fantastic sales with Johnson's Farmgate at the farmers markets they attend. Check here for a complete list of convenient locations.

The Over the Moon range of milk and other dairy products reflect the passion and commitment founders Karl and Cathie Johnson have to providing fresh produce to customers.

Our milk is pasteurised and bottled in the old-fashioned way, one small batch at a time, and is not mixed with milk from other dairies.

Uniquely, our milk is non-homogenised. You drink our milk as nature intended as a whole food with the cream on top. In this way, the physical structure of the milk remains intact. It tastes great and its better for you.

Our milk can be traced to Ian & Sue Lindsay's dairy farm. Their herd of Jersey cows are grass fed on the lush pastures of the Hastings Valley (near Wauchope). No pesticides or man-made fertilisers are used in their pasture production.

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